A lot of people come to enjoy a relaxing manicure to unwind and recollect themselves. We have all been there and as soon as the nail artist brings out the colors, the glitter. We just want to go all out and put everything on our nails, but it is important to also note the practicality of the art and length of your nails when having them done.

For example, if you are working at corporate offices it might be frowned upon if your nails are all the shades of the rainbow or too long for basic typing work or even in some cases filing as this can cause nail breaks. When working in this kind of environment, your nails need to be at a length with which you can still carry out your tasks from day to day.

The colors will also have to be muted, like pastels, earthy and single colors. When opting for nail art in this instance, it is advised to go for something subtle like a little glitter or even a simple drawing on a single finger or maybe even two if you’re being adventurous!

I know there are a lot of times that people do not care about their employees’ nails, but clients might find it hard to take you seriously when you are all ‘funked up’. Of course if you are working at a place like a school (for instance), the kids might love bright colors, though here it should also be considered to keep nails a bit on the shorter side so as to make sure you are still able to write and type. If you are working in a daycare center however, very short is the best, since it is easy to accidently scratch a child if you touch them or if they hug you.

"Nails are a way of self-expression", and I definitely agree with this phrase, but we need to make sure the nails last long and that the client won’t be taking them off when they feel like it is too long or too much.

A nail tech puts a lot of time and effort into your nails, make sure not to feel pressured or overwhelmed when it comes to the design of your nails.

Always pick something that makes you feel comfortable and is practical for your day-to-day life.

| Post by: Roche Labuschagne

| RL Nails - Owner & Nail Enthusiast